Website & Software Engineering Incorporated "WSSWE" adheres to the following guidelines for all contracts:

  1. A WSSWE agent and client's representative must sign and date pages included in contract.

  2. Terms not explicitly listed on contract are communicated only for draft or planning purposes. Client agrees that the only services expected of WSSWE are the terms outlined on the signed and dated contract by WSSWE and client.

  3. Limited duration contract with exact start date and end date are listed on every contract.

  4. Display total cost to be paid to WSSWE with a listing of terms and designated pay dates.

  5. Signed contracts may never be altered. Editing a contract requires retyping the original contract which must display the amended details and must then be signed by both parties. New signed and dated contract based on similar prior signed contract services nullifies and voids all prior contract terms and agreements and releases both parties from expectations and requirements explicitly stated on prior contract unless WSSWE is owed monies by client.

  6. Grace period must be displayed on contract. Any communicated grace periods not explicitly listed on signed contracts are for planning or draft purposes only.

  7. Contracts may never be extended. A new contract must be drawn and signed outlining requested extension of end-date.

  8. Communications of any kind delivered via email, phone, fax, or in-person related to agreements or terms are simply for draft or planning purposes only. Both WSSWE and client agree that the signed and dated contract are the only legal binding agreements and terms of the business relationship.

  9. Calling into our call centers or agents assigned phones are subject to recording for quality and training purposes.

  10. Software source code developed for client using federal guidelines and technical references or other guidelines based on API references developed outside of client and outside of WSSWE will be considered shared and owned byboth WSSWE and client and both parties will be delivered its own copy of source code. Client can choose to pay for 100% ownership of source under an exclusive ownership contract which must list exclusive ownership pricing.

  11. Individual charges on account for monthly payments do not represent total contract price owed to WSSWE.

  12. WSSWE does not sell personal identifiable data and client is not purchasing personal identifiable data.

  13. Notifications requested by federal or state agencies may be displayed on websites and software interfaces without requiring consent.Federal and state laws supersede agreements.

  14. Terms or agreements that are found to be over-writable by federal or state laws do not necessarily overwrite all contract terms unless over-writable terms support the specific intent of signed and dated contract.

  15. If WSSWE encounters regulations that require WSSWE to directly interact with or to contract with signed client's customers, then WSSWE will act on behalf of WSSWE for the purposes of fulfilling all federal or state regulations with or without notice to signed client.

  16. Client may not remove any WSSWE related trademarks or signature code.

  17. Creating an account with WSSWE does not constitute employment of WSSWE by client.

  18. WSSWE does not maintain or update website content unless explicitly stated in signed contracts.

  19. WSSWE may update the CompleteMore platform at any given time with or without notice. 

  20. Refunds will not be granted for completed works of any kind. WSSWE may choose at its discretion to refund clients' payments.

  21. WSSWE defines a website template or web template as the overall theme or look and feel of the entire website destination.

  22. WSSWE defines a webpage template or web page theme as the individual or unique look of a specific link or page within the website destination.

  23. WSSWE does not provide transfer services of website content to other website and technology based companies.

  24. WSSWE does not provide in-transfer service of existing website content unless explicitly stated on signed contract.

  25. Contract based services require a security service to be paid by client and explicitly listed on signed contract.